Get Up Early The early bird eats the fattest worm, so get up bright and early to get to the sites and attractions, before hordes of people arrive. Arriving at sites and attractions early also affords you the opportunity to take awesome photos due to soft diffused lighting, it is also commonly much less difficult to communicate with locals. Sketchy...
Keep an Open Mind Do not judge the lifestyles of others if it's different from your own personal way of living. It is arrogant to presume your opinions are right and others are wrong. You do not have to actually to agree, you may be surprised what you will learn from the friendly people you meet during your travels. Apply...
Smile anytime you happen to be in public, when people notice this, you can easily get assistance whenever you need it, other people will speak to you as well. It's funny how just a smile saved me from getting robbed one time. I gave a girl that is pregnant a seat on a bus while two other people had...

Budget Travel Tips

Eat street food! You miss out on culture if you skip the street food. Don’t be scared. If you’re nervous, look for places where kids are eating. If it’s safe for them, it is safe for you. Get travel cover. Don’t be foolish. If something goes wrong, you don’t desire to be out 1000s of dollars in bills. Travel...
Get vaccinated. Because dropping prey to a condition in a nation that is foreign isn't fun. Just take pictures of your luggage and clothes or items in general. When your bag gets lost, this will help determine it more easily and speed the task up of having your travel insurance cover you. Take walks which are free. Besides being free, these...




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