One thing is certain, Atlanta is not mediocre. The city seems interesting as far as things to do and places to see are concerned.

Not only is it considered one of the hottest places to live lately, with the fastest growing urban sprawl in the United States, but it is full of a unique and interesting vibe that will make your trip to Georgia unforgettable.

Centennial Olympic Park

Visit the Centennial Olympic Park for Festivals and children related activities, it’s also an opportunity to see what Atlanta has done in the park since the 1996 Olympics. There is a fountain of rings as well as concerts, shows and sporting events that are held at the stadium.

Atlanta Underground

This place is interesting. You can take a guided tour or walk on your own, but you will be fascinated by its history. From the ruins of the civil war in 1860, this underground depot has been transformed into an animated monument restored to the old City of Atlanta.

Damaged gas fires; the original is still where it was burned by the Union troops in 1864 and Milbost Zero from Chattanooga to the median line of Georgia deposited at the entrance above, remind people what makes Atlanta so special.

Lately however, a new city is underground and completely renovated with shops, restaurants and night spots that are very popular.

Coca Cola World

The next stop is the world of Coca-Cola. No matter who you are, it’s imperative to visit this place. Atlanta is the cradle of the world famous Coca-Cola brand, some things transcend language and cultural barriers, and this is one of those things, people around the world have been drinking coca cola for decades, it is still served in more than 200 countries around the world.

Here is a building dedicated to the proud history and iconic brand that is Coca-Cola. And even if you don’t like the article, the story of how this brand became a household name since its creation in because it 1886 will pique your interest. Also, the amount of merchandise and artifacts on the screen is amazing.

Martin Luther King Memorial

Whilst visiting National Historic sites, stop by Martin Luther King Jr. memorial to get a complete history of this revolutionary leader. This was the man who led the U.S. civil rights movement in the 60s. Dr. King was born in Atlanta in 1929 and was killed in 1968, his late wife was instrumental in making the house which they once shared with their children a memorial for him and his ideas. Former US President Barak Obama gave a speech at this building in honor of Dr. King’s legacy and a celebration of the Ebenezer Baptist Church.

The Georgia Aquarium

For a wonder explosion see the world’s largest aquarium, the Georgia Aquarium. This aquarium exhibits about 100 000 specimens in a reservoir that has about 8 million gallons of water, simply breathtaking.

And for a little break or maybe a bit of a game, visit the Atlanta Botanical Garden, full of small gaps and crevices to get lost in. There is a garden over the park for all your dreams, with new exhibits on the screen regularly. Wandering around 15 acres of forest, outdoor exposure and a large number of rare plants, leaning on the Piedmont parks.

In addition, there is also a lot to keep the children engaged, like the maze that takes you from the mouth of the colorful caterpillar to the Butterfly Pavilion, and the digging of fossils.

The entertainment begins and ends at the Fox Theatre, a 1920s restored theatre that is now home to musicals and comedy shows, a ballet company also performs here. The theatre is now decorated with Arabian and luxurious alfresco themes, finished with stars shining from the ceiling and an extravagant collection of furniture.

A tour can be capped by a visit to the Virginia-Highland district, just to get a sense of the more ornate countryside. The area is famous for its nightlife and restaurants, not to forget the shopping. The places here are mostly restored buildings, very creative characteristics with numerous galleries, antique shops, lounges, SPA, and restaurants. The streets are also well decorated with elegant bars.

Take a day to visit Stone Mountain Park, over 3 300 acres of land with many places to keep you busy and entertained. About 4 million people visit the park every year to see the only Theater in Georgia with 4-D capabilities, it is also the largest children’s park in Atlanta, lined with boardwalks, river cruises, historical exhibits, amazing laser performance and fireworks show. Children and adults that want to stay in touch with the little kid inside will have a great deal of fun.

The entry fee is $8 and you will need a car to visit Stone Mountain Park, not to worry though, the cost for the laser performance is included in the entry fee.

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