Smile anytime you happen to be in public, when people notice this, you can easily get assistance whenever you need it, other people will speak to you as well. It’s funny how just a smile saved me from getting robbed one time. I gave a girl that is pregnant a seat on a bus while two other people had been wanting to persuade me to get off the bus early. A woman sitting close overheard the discussion and provided me with a look which I knew meant something was wrong.

Scan your driver’s permit, health card and passport and email them to yourself and a friend who is in close relation. In that case it makes obtaining a new one much easier. Always let someone know where you intend going, whenever you expect to arrive, and just exactly where you are just in case you lose your passport. When you arrive, verify those details. If something should happen, one or more individual knows where you stand.

Trust your instincts. If someone comes really close to you and you feel uncomfortable, don’t worry about being rude. There are countless times we have ignored men who approached in a manner that did not feel just right. I keep walking and ignore them. We might sometimes be incorrect, however it’s not a possibility I am prepared to take.

Public city transportation is ripe for pickpockets. Avoid carrying anything in your back pocket when walking, and be frequently aware of your surroundings. It’s not only men who are pickpockets or thieves, however you may refer to it as. In some cases, it is a team of ladies who will kindly bump on a bus into you or jam around you.