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Get Up Early

The early bird eats the fattest worm, so get up bright and early to get to the sites and attractions, before hordes of people arrive. Arriving at sites and attractions early also affords you the opportunity to take awesome photos due to soft diffused lighting, it is also commonly much less difficult to communicate with locals. Sketchy places are much less threatening early in the morning as well.

Patience Is Crucial

Do not sweat the stuff you cannot get a take on. There is a lot more to life than to get angry and annoyed all the time. Especially when you travel you don’t want to end up making wrong decisions because you are angry. Did you miss the train? No worries, you will have another one. ATMs out of money? Fantastic! Take a road which is unplanned over to the next location and discover. Sometimes unplanned things happen no matter what. Just take a deep breath and help remind yourself that it could be even worse.


Stash Extra Cash

Cash is very important all over the world. To be protected in any crisis, make sure to hide some in a few different places. I advocate at least a couple hundred bucks worth. You did if you lose your wallet, your card prevents working, or the ATMs operate out of money, you will be glad.

Have A Great Laugh at yourself

You’ll appear to be a fool many times whenever planning a trip to places that are new. Rather than get embarrassed, laugh at yourself. Do not forget to screw up, and do not take life so seriously. Once a bus which was full of Guatemalans laughed with joy when I pressured our driver to stop so I could desperately urinate on the side of the road. Going back to the bus and having a laugh with them provided me new buddies for the rest of the trip.